The ICBA annually hosts a tournament to determine the male and female Candlepin Champion.  Participants are the male and female State/Provincial overall tournament champions or the winners of s special tournament, held in lieu of a regular State/Provincial tournament.  The second place male and female State/Provincial tournament finishers are selected as alternate participants, if, for any reason, the first place champion is unable to bowl.

The ICBA Adult Championship Tournament is held in the Fall months, at the beginning of a new “bowling season”, after all State/Provincial tournaments from the previous year are concluded.

  • The tournament is a five (5) string, scratch event.
  • The locations of the tournament are determined by the board of Directors of the ICBA, at a bowling center convenient to all.
  • Each bowler is required to wear a shirt provided by the ICBA with appropriate lettering and logos.
  • The winners, male and female of the tournament, shall receive a commemorative trophy celebrating the achievement and a cash prize, selected by the ICBA Board of Directors.
  • Photos of the winners of the ICBA Adult tournament shall be included in a poster of ICBA tournament champions which shall be distributed to all ICBA bowling center members.   


2018 Championship Poster MERGED 8 x 11.jpg


  • The I.C.B.A Youth Candlepin Championship is held annually in November, prior to Thanksgiving.
  • The championship has been conducted annually since 1978, formerly called the Northeast Candlepin Bowling Classic.
  • Youth bowlers from I.C.B.A member centers are eligible to enter.
  • Bowlers may not have participated in an adult state or provincial tournament, the Candlepin Pro Series or similar professional candlepin bowling event or received any type of financial compensation or similar prize for participating in a candlepin bowling tournament, league or roll-off.
  • The Youth Candlepin Championship is a scratch event with bowlers competing in one of 4 age classifications:

                 Division I     Age 10 and Under

                 Division II    Ages 11-13

                 Division III   Ages 14-15

                 Division IV  Ages 16 and Up & Not Graduated from High School.

  • Events include 5 Game Singles5 Game Doubles & 3 Game Teams.
  • Trophies are awarded to the top 3 finishers in each age group in each event for both boys and girls.
  • Bowlers who compete in all 3 events are eligible to enter the 13 Game All Events Championship for an additional entry fee. Winners in each age group with the highest 13 game total are awarded trophies and recognized as I.C.B.A. Candlepin Bowling Champions.
  • The boy and girl with the highest overall All Events total are recognized as the I.C.B.A. Youth Candlepin Champions for that year, are awarded a $1000 college scholarship and are included on the annual poster produced by the I.C.B.A. for display in each member center. The college scholarships have been awarded annually beginning in 1992.
  • Scholarship money is held in escrow by the I.C.B.A. until it is requested by a college, university or technical school. If the bowler will not be advancing their education beyond high school, they may obtain the money on or after their 22nd birthday.